Bahrain RFC has a dedicated senior management team each with designated responsibilities. Each team member has an extensive knowledge of the club having spent a number of years associated with it, whilst individually they have experience in each of their dedicated areas.

Larger events will see the Management Team frequently as as a single unit and as a result common communications paths exist which will reach the entire group.




K2690-00 Christopher Kennedy

Chris Kennedy

General Manager

Chris spent several years serving on the Club’s Executive Committee with primary responsibility for overseeing the operation of the Clubhouse and its associated F&B operation.

Chris recently took up the role of GM but has been actively involved with the club on both the Junior Football and Executive Committee Side for a number of years



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Lindsey Gibson

Sports Coordinator

Lindsey is responsible for the day to day management of all sports activities at the club including overseeing the club’s gym, sports hall & swimming pool areas.

Lindsey is a prominent member of the Bahrain RFC senior rugby team sincearriving at the club. Often seen assisting with the coaching of various sports



Kingdom of Bahrain, Manama, Photo By Phil Weymouth

Bob Phillips

Facilities Manager

Bob is both a Bahrain and Bahrain Rugby Club having been on the Island since the late 80s. His initial association with the club as a player was quickly augmented with joing the Committee on which he served in most roles until resigning as Chairman in 2006 to become the Club’s Manager.

Bob’s role as Facilities Manager sees him continuing to do what he loves most in developing our facilities to be able to host as much sports and social activity as possible



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Steve Blight

Clubhouse Manager

Steve comes to us from one of our suppliers & boasts considerable experience in running food and beverage outlets throughout Bahrain. Initially arriving in Bahrain as a teacher at one of the local schools Steve quickly found his niche managing various outlets before coming to BRFC

Steve’s role as the Club’s host sees him in the club most evenings and to the fore at most of our events where he normally takes the lead organisational role.



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Gilphi Gilbert


Gilphi has served as the Club’s Senior Accountant for a number of years now and adds the financial management angle to all of our operations.

Often in the Background Gilphi’s role sees him having an input in to most everything we do and as a result he has managed to put countless things in place saving the club a small fortune anually