Bahrain Rugby Club operates alongside a number of franchisees offering a variety of food options to our members and their guests on a daily basis. Larger events will see these bolstered to accommodate the larger numbers on an as required basis


Our Food Partners

Mano’s Restaurant

Mano & Rena Babiolakis have been the Club’s main food franchisees for over 10 years, offering a pub style menu to all the Club rooms.  It offers BBQ food on match and function days as well as running the Clubs full service “A la Carte” Bistro.

Mano’s offers a range of International cuisine but is perhaps most famous for it’s steaks and ever popular ‘Carnivores Night’ on a Wednesday evening.

The Bistro is open from 1pm-3pm and 6pm-10pm daily whilst the main Clubroom’s food service is available from noon until 10pm daily (9am on Fridays)

The Blindside BBQ

The Blindside BBQ is one of our externally franchised food outlets managed by renoun local chef Dominic Miles. Specialising in an array of takeaway food items the Blindside offers a range of burgers and sandwiches to suit all tastes.

The Blindside opens most evenings from 5pm and Friday Mornings to cater to our Junior Sports Groups.  Additionally, it caters at all major functions