Bahrain Rugby Club hosts the Arabian Celts GAA club in order to symbiotically develop Gaelic sports in the Kingdom of Bahrain. From its humble beginning nearly 25 years ago the Bahrain Irish Festival has grown from just a handful of teams to being the lagest gathering of Gaelic Sports team globally. Gaelic Football attracts large numbers in Bahrain and manages their own Website and /or Facebook pages which can be found on these links



Our  Partnerships with the Arabian Celts


Arabian Celts Senior Men’s Gaelic Football

Head Coaches: To be Confirmed

The Arabian Celts are one of the Regions Larger Gaelic Sports sections in the region having been born out of both Bahrain and the Eastern Province’s Gaelic Sports men and women. The men’s Gaelic football section trains each week on a Sunday and Tuesday evening (During the Season) from 7.30pm onwards,

Entering every competition at every level across the Regional Boards Leagues and Competitions the Footballers find themselves busy throughout the year. All of that pales in to insignificance wehn you place it alongside the massive undertaking that is the organisation of the annual Bahrain Gaelic Games which last year approached the 100 teams mark played over seven pitches on no fewer than four different sites



Arabian Celts Senior Ladies Gaelic Football

Head Coaches: Tom Hanratty

The Ladies are definitely an equal partner in the Arabian Celts often boasting more active participants that the men. Their striking pink and blue uniforms can be seen from a distance but you will know the ladies are there well before that with their vociferous support.

Again the Ladies train on a Sunday and Tuesday Evening but a little earlier than the men starting at  6.30pm



Arabian Celts Hurling & Camogie

Head Coaches: To be Confirmed

The Senior Hurling and Camogie groups are still in their infancy but are rapidly gaining ground as the ‘Thursday Night Thunder’ part of the annual Gaelic Games will testify. A tremendously fast and skillful sport it is not one for the feint hearted but will keep you more than entertained.

Training for the Hurlers and Camogie players runs alongside the Gaelic Football trainings with a little more time dedicated to it as the various league competition days come along

General Policies

Each Player must have completed the Clubs Sports Waiver form and paid the relevant sports fees prior to participation in any activity.

Each Coach will have differing methods of organising and communicating with their groups these can include Teamer, Basic Email etc, please ensure that Parents introduce themselves to the coach and get access to the relevant information

Any trips overseas will be organised by our sports department at an additional cost, the club does its best to contribute towards these trips and will publicise this in advance